English lesson with a foreign student within the Erasmus program

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On Wednesday, April 21, first-year HT1.A students had the opportunity to practice English with foreign student Mustafa Zengin, who is studying in the Czech Republic thanks to the Erasmus program. You can read the students’ impressions below.

Student comments:

Today morning we had a surprise from our teacher. A kind student from Turkey came to visit us and tell us something about his country. We learned a lot of new things! Everything from the capital city to traditions, most beautiful city’s, best food and interesting movies. I found it really interesting, and I think that Turkey is a very beautiful country and I would really like to visit it someday in the future. This period was refreshing, we were just listening to him and after that we asked some questions, he also had some great questions for us, because he’s in Prague shortly. We recommended him what should he go visit, and some food he should try and also some of our favourite Czech movies. I enjoyed it.

Aneta Nevoralová

So today we had a Turkish student which took part in the Erasmus + project and came to study here to Czech. He made a beautiful presentation about his country Turkey. Where he talked about the traditions, the food, the religions and history, which is in my opinion really surprising and interesting. If you want to find out more about the Greek history in his opinion you should visit west turkey and if you are more interested in the Asian history you should go to east turkey. After this presentation I actually really want to visit there, it sounds really nice and the food looks delicious. Especially the real Turkish kebab which he said is totally different then here and much much better, is probably one of the biggest inspirations for people to go and visit.

Anna Basaglia

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