Full time study

The education courses and support for our students and their parents is done in Czech language. Our customer support however will be happy to assist you in English.


  • Our program is designed for students entering their 9th year of study. This four year program cumulates in both the government and high school graduation exams. Successful students will be awarded the Maturita Certificate.
  • This field of study focuses primarily on theory. We recommend this program for academically motivated students. This program is designed for students who want to study a professional program as well as continue their studies at university after high school.
  • Our lessons emphasize vocational subjects and two foreign languages.
  • In the professional part of the course students will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for doing business or performing operational and management activities in tourism, hotel and gastronomy – for example, the fundamentals and economic phenomena of business, legal standards, computer data processing, preparation of menus and drinks for various events, accommodation services, marketing, etc.

Practical lessons

Our practical lessons are provided in cooperation with renowned travel agencies and top hotels in Prague. At workplaces, we emphasize a personal approach and pupils work under the guidance of an instructor who is responsible for a maximum of 3 students. Our students are also compensated financially for the work they do during their practical education.

Practical training is realized in the form of exercises, professional and teaching practice. Exercises in the fields of History of Culture and Guiding Services take place in specialized classrooms or in the field. In the second year, pupils also undergo apprenticeship by regularly alternating a week of apprenticeship with a week of theoretical instruction associated with exercises regularly throughout the school year.

School fees 28 800 CZK / year

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